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NeW! Argus Smart Lighting Solutions (SLS)

Unique cost effective retrofit package for turning existing lamps into secure, connected smart city nodes without the need for any new wired or wireless infrastructure. 

This is accomplished with a power line communications (PLC) module that uses existing power lines for communication. This is a unique, highly secure means of communication that is completely independent of the internet or other common wireless technologies like Zigbee or WiFi that can be broken into remotely with equipment that is commonly available.  

The smart controller implements multiple layers of security including a 256-bit elliptic curve cryptography-based protocol that makes it virtually impossible for the communications to be breached without the use of specialized equipment and multiple levels of authentication credentials that are available only to the city managers who will be in charge of the communications network.

The system is easily installed and is scalable from a few nodes to a city-wide deployment in stages without any changes to the existing infrastructure.

In addition to giving the city the ability to remotely monitor and control each lamp, the retrofit package includes the ability to connect to external sensors on various communication channels. The package includes an emergency lighting solution backed up with an optional solar photovoltaic panel to provide emergency lighting at each street light in case of power outages

about REX Company


Our staff are dedicated toward the smart management of energy and natural resources.  We believe that our quality of life depends on our ability to create innovative ways to navigate into the future.  

One such way is to harvest alternative energy where practical, such as in remote areas. Another way is to develop the ability to monitor environmental changes with advance sensors. 

And in order to effectively and efficiently manage progress in these areas, we need the ability to  provide sensing, communication, and control devices that redefine connectivity.

Our goal is to make new products that are practical, compact, and easy to use or easily integrated into existing infrastructure.

Our design philosophy is based on sustainability, simplicity, and safety; thus our products must have positive impact and better utilize of natural resources, promote safety, improve security, and have simple end-user applicability.


SEAMLESS™ Smart Community

Interconnected sub-systems functioning as one entity

SEAMLESS Smart Community


Smart scheduling and delivery of utilities and services
Municipal operational effectiveness and efficiency
Minimize waste and recycle, reuse, reform


 Smart energy, power conservation and optimization
Clean, integrated, renewable and sustainable
Smart lighting, peak load control, smart metering 


Smart infrastructure, optimal use of public resources
Improve productivity and sustainability of urban environment
Saving, protecting, and preserving the environment


Smart multi-modal transit and urban mobility
Smooth traffic flow, smaller environmental footprint
Parking solutions, smart traffic lights and sensor

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

 Smart leadership, setting visions, missions
Interactive civic engagement, public private partnership
Smart entrepreneurship, innovative solutions 

Safety & Security

Smart living, quality of life, safety, health and well-being
Safeguarding against threats, crisis emergency responsiveness
Smart monitoring, anticipating, tracking/analytics


OUR Products

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Smart Energy

Smart energy solutions to allow more responsible and sustainable energy usage by utilizing high efficiency devices and harvesting of alternative clean energy.  For example, smart lighting with dimming and scheduling functions could significantly reduce cities' electrical consumptions, or compact energy harvesting system capable of gathering energy from its surroundings such as solar radiation, wind energy, water currents, and earth vibrations, deployed in remote places.


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Smart sensors with leading edge sensor technology, self-calibration circuitry, and communication protocols to accurately sense and detect radiation, trace chemical elements, and complex movements. For example, rugged optical spectrometer to detect real-time in-situ contaminations or pollutions, or Lidar based optoelectronics to sense complex traffic movements.

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Argus Power Line System is our secure customized connectivity platform to better manage existing infrastructure in tomorrow's smart cities. The G3-PLC communication backbone allows control and monitoring of remote lighting, sensors, and devices on existing power lines without the need to add any new wired or wireless infrastructure. The simplicity and scalability of Argus PLS make it ideal for infrastructure applications.


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Smart System

Intelligent system with cognitive ability to sense, analyze, actuate and learn, by integrating advanced-process modeling and multitude of control components that enable autonomous operations. For example, flood management system with predictive functions to anticipate changing of weather and to take preemptive actions to prevent flooding. Traffic management system to sense congestion, polution level, and rush hour patterns to redirect traffic to minimize time delay and fuel waste.


Potential Applications



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